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Nov 5, 2014
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Sandal is divided into two distinct divisions: the PowerConnections brand, is a long established and successful manufacturer of converter plugs; and Energenie, an innovative consumer tech brand with an app driven whole house automation solution, as well as an established range of energy saving electrical products.

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Fund Management

City & Merchant is able to offer many funds to investors depending on their own risk requirements and trading/income strategy.  Our activities include:

Discretionary Traded Funds

For those who would like exposure to alternative market investment strategies but do not wish direct involvement, we are able to offer a discretionary service on either an individual or grouped basis. Funds offered include Property, Forestry, Equities, Fixed Income, Cash and Liquidity Managed, Derivatives. 

This activity is only available to Sophisticated and High Net Worth investors.

Special Interest Asset Funds

City & Merchant designs, creates and authorises specific targeted niche funds for distributors and investors involved in niche areas and assets.  With our Guernsey affiliates we are able to authorise for distribution tax efficient fund structures which can be marketed throughout Europe and other parts of the World.

Managed Funds

City & Merchant also manages a number of Funds directly.  For further details of individual funds managed by C&M please contact

Current managed funds are:

  • City & Merchant EIS Fund (2007)  closed to new investors.
  • Watermen Bridge Finance Income Fund.
  • City & Merchant also operates a DAX Futures fund and a FX fund available only to Sophisticated or High Net Worth and Professional Investors.
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